Tofu recipe ideas: Soy-Flavored Fried Tofu (香煎豆腐)

If you are looking for some tofu recipe ideas, you have to try Soy-Flavored Fried Tofu (香煎豆腐) from Easy Chinese Recipes In 30 Minutes, by author Shiao-jang Kung. This authentic Chinese recipe uses simple, healthy ingredients you can get in any supermarket — tofu, ginger, soy sauce, and oil. While it takes some care to prepare, it is perhaps the most unique and flavorful tofu dish you will ever try! This short video shows the basic preparation steps, including the tricky part — flipping the tofu:

For the full list of the vegetarian ingredients and instructions, download the Chinese cookbook for the iPad (only 99 cents!) or search for “Easy Chinese Recipes In 30 Minutes” in the Apple iBookstore.