Chinese Tofu recipe: Chilled Tofu (冷豆腐)

Last month, we published a short video for Soy-Flavored Fried Tofu (香煎豆腐) from Easy Chinese Recipes In 30 Minutes, by author Shiao-jang Kung. Today, we will see another vegetarian Chinese tofu recipe: Chilled Tofu (冷豆腐). In the West, people sometimes used chilled tofu on salads, but this tofu recipe has no greens. It uses Chinese flavors for a delicate, authentic taste. Here’s the 2-minute video, which shows the basic preparation steps:

For the full list of ingredients and instructions, download the Chinese cookbook for the iPad (only 99 cents!) or search for “Easy Chinese Recipes In 30 Minutes” in the Apple iBookstore.